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Ciao, and thank you for opening my page. After having worked as an architect for many years in several countries, I also dedicate a lot of my time to design, painting, and to various forms of illustration. And, of course, to architecture. Architecture, and anything related to architecture continues to occupy an important part of my time, even when I am painting or creating a rendering.

I have had the good fortune to live and work in North and South America, and Europe. This has brought me into contact with diverse cultures, and has clearly had an effect on my work, on my favorite themes, and on my “out of the box” creativity.

Daniele Ballerini is an international architect and painter who worked for 25 years in Caracas, Venezuela before opening to new experiences in Italy, in particular his home town of Florence and USA. In Florence, “under the Tuscan sun,” he developed as a painter and worked as an architectural consultant. Finally he crossed the Atlantic yet again (maybe for the 100th time!) to take up residence in Miami Beach, where he now lives (when he is not traveling).

Most important for Daniele, whether he is painting tropical landscapes, or designing a home or an office space, is understanding how an individual lives and works. He is able to translate these needs and desires into a physical reality that is familiar and comfortable. He believes his greatest asset in achieving this is his intuitive ability to quickly understand people and translate ideas between cultures. Beyond surface words, he has a facility to broker ideas in a language and register appropriate to each situation.

Daniele speaks four languages, one might say “cultures,” fluently. His art bridges the built and the natural world and situates the viewer in a specific place and feeling. Two passions, travel and building, come together in his watercolors of lived spaces. His paintings of Caribbean beaches reflect his deep attachment to the tropics. But perhaps his favorite themes are homes and lighthouses–archetypes of safe harbours, searching, guiding and illuminating.

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