Fairwinds Sailbags


It all started in Clear Lake, Iowa where our family was active in our local Yacht Club. Our three children all began taking sailing lessons at age six. One became an instructor and they all sailed competitively as crew and as skippers. Optis, X Boats and MC Scows in that order to be exact. While our oldest attended college in Saint Augustine, she found herself sharing her passion as an instructor/coach in a place we now call home. You’ll still find her racing on a bit larger boat. Since moving to Florida in 2020, we were fortunate to find a new Yacht Club to call home.

Sailors know that to get a competitive edge, once in a while you have to replace your old sail with a new one. I always thought it was such a waste to just throw them away. So, back in 2010 I decided to start recycling them into something new… and so began Fairwinds Sailbags.

Word traveled fast in the small resort town we lived in as to what I was doing. When local sailors were done with their sails, they ended up at my front door instead of the landfill. It’s still fun to pull in the driveway and see a sail sitting there… usually with no note. But, I can always tell who it belonged to, based on the numbers on the sail.  

If only every item that I make could talk, I’m sure they would have a great story to tell.

Keep that in mind if you purchase one of our items, the fabric is not new and sometimes shows some wear.  

Thank you for taking the time to view our unique items. 


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