Hayley’s Angels

hayleys-angelsIt hurts to lose a beloved pet, especially when we have to make the decision to let go. But that last act of friendship is the most loving and caring thing we can do for our best friend when our loved one is suffering and treatment is impossible. Allowing him/her to pass peacefully, with dignity, surrounded by family in the comfort of home, is the most extraordinary gift we can give him/her. Pets, like humans, may grieve deeply the loss of a companion. That grieving process can be eased greatly by allowing pets to be present to say goodbye to their friend. Assisting to the procedure brings them closure and helps recover faster. In-home euthanasia allows us to care for the whole family, 2 & 4 legged members.

animal-teachingsDr. Joanne’s goal and hope in writing her book (made of recycled paper and available as kindle) is to open everyone’s heart and mind to improve our world and better the lives of all living creatures. Her book guides us in making the best medical decisions for ourselves and for the animals on our paths, for maximum health and happiness, as well as for a peaceful transition into the next world.

Dr. Joanne’s book called “Animal Teachings from Hayley’s Angels Methods” is now available at the Arts Market. She also delights in handcrafting beautiful memorials, available to families looking for a dignified way to remember their beloved pets.

She also hand-makes memorial charms and jewelry with a lock of hair, picture or cremated remains (ashes) from a departed pet to bring strength to grieving pet owners.

Haley’s Angels is now helping all animals and their families in our beautiful Fernandina Beach area on Amelia Island, Florida, and surroundings. They specialize in at home gentle and compassionate senior and end of life care, as well as home euthanasia for pets.

Phone & email consultations remain available for families nationwide. Their new phone number is 904-200-1035.


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