Meet our Exhibitors

Adrian’s Wood (Wood crafts)
Anni Frohlich (Jewelry)
Bandit’s Outback (Antique lighting)
Bartique (Yoga mat bags, pouches, and scarves)
BC Gemstone Jewelry (Gemstones and jewelry)
Beautifully Beaded Bookmarks (Designer bookmarks)
Black Frog Designs (Wall art)
Bowls with Holes (Pottery and bread bowls)
Caden’s Coin Rings
Carmen’s (Native American Art)
C.C. Jordan (Jewelry)
Color Peace (Unique Tie Dye)
Comfort Board Creations (Fun Signage)
Connie’s Chimes
Custom Wood by Davey (Wood crafts)
Daniele Ballerini (Original artwork)
E. Meredith 3D Art (3D Art)
Faith Elliott (Paintings)
Fulford Gardens (Hypertufa and cement)
Gotz 2 Paint (Paintings)
Giulia’s Treasures (Coasters, switch plates and gifts)
Hoper’s Gifts (Woodwork and gifts)
House of Jaguar (Leather handbags and more)
Inspire Activewear (Designer activewear)
Island Home Candle (Coconut wax candles)
Island Julz (Beach inspired jewelry)
Jay-Paul Thibault (Hand blown glassware)
JusTrusTees (Original T-shirts)
Kai Indie Jewelry (Island inspired jewelry)
Kathy’s Garden (Succulents and sand art)
Ken Drury Wood (Wood crafts)
LaSoucique (Fine silver jewelry)
Lavinia Lou (Custom fabric designs)
Limp Decor’ (Wooden signs)
Liz Lind Editions (Original artwork)
Mermaid’s Walk (Fine jewelry)
Mike McBryan (Cedar bird houses)
Pamelia Jensen (Pottery)
Paul Riley (Paintings)
Pelican Cottage (Handmade soaps)
Pete Krawiec (Painting on palm fronds)
Quilted Treasures (Hand crafted quilts)
Red Wolf (Woodwork, painted, and furniture)
Reverse Glass by Gail (Hand painted glassware)
Scenic Pics by Jack (Art)
Sew What (Apparel)
Sonia Cardoos’ Scarves and More (Scarves, cork keychains, and more)
Soul of the Earth (Silver and copper jewelry)
sQoosh (Sweatbands)
Stained Glass Creations (Stained glass)
Suly Sewing Designs (Handmade handbags and totes)
Tellus Handmade Soap (soap)
Wooden Water (Wooden bowls, oyster shell centerpieces, and oyster ornaments)


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