Reverse Glass by Gail

Each piece off glass by Gail has original hand painted artwork using the reverse glass painting technique. All the artwork is on the outside of the glassware. The non-toxic paint is UV-resistant and is permanently fused to the glass, so the pieces can be safely washed in dishwashers and heated in microwaves without harming the artwork.

Reverse glass art is created by painting a piece of glass so that when the glass is turned over the painting is viewed through the glass from the reverse side. With reverse glass painting, creation of the image begins with details and finishes with background. The artwork on the glassware is constructed facing both the interior and exterior of the glass, to create a piece of art that can be viewed and enjoyed from any angle and changes as you turn the glass. The image facing the interior uses reverse glass technique, while the image facing the exterior is created with the conventional method of background painted first and details added last. The two opposable images work together to create a depth to the artwork. Visit the ‘How To Paint Glassware’ page on this website to see how this is done.  With liquid in the glass, the interior facing design is magnified, creating a dramatic effect. On many pieces the artwork has a textural quality, adding touch to the stimulations of smell and taste while using the glasses. The website videos show the magnification effect and textural quality. Each piece is signed somewhere subtly within the design, in reverse of course. 


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