Author Steve Gibbs

Author Steve Gibbs has written Grits. Grits is the fourth book in the Java Adventures series following Java, Crazy Love and Wood Rats.
The Java Adventures documents the growth and hard times of a Key Largo man from a dysfunctional family who struggles to find his place in the world and that age-old challenge of understanding women.
Like many of us, Java struggles to overcome attitudes, prejudices and misinformation taught us at an early age. Java slowly comes to understand that some of the ways he was taught lead to unwise and dangerous choices.
Grits is a “coming of age” of sorts for Java who learns, almost too late, that his father’s understanding of his role as a provider has been misguided.
Java’s cousin, Grits, takes him on a smuggling adventure that is based on a true story. As always, names have been changed to protect the guilty.


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