Bibond Art Online

We have been combining and blending our artistic abilities into single works of art for 30 years now. Self proclaimed Masters Of Illusion, we help people see and experience what is not really there, sometimes on the side of a large building or on a vehicle or a simple piece of drift wood found on the beach.

A refreshing, ever changing, presentation of truth as it is understood at the moment is evident in our newest works as our perception of the scenario of life is constantly changing as we elevate our selves above the illusion of this world.

We are bathed in colorful light as we experience various light sources shining through the acrylic pigment, whether it be on a sand blasted mirror or an unprimed canvas. Our lead free stained glass windows are absolutely brilliant.

We enjoy creating original one of a kind jewelry and sculptures of polymer clay.

Our love of the lens has revealed the world in a very intimate, detailed, visual experience reflecting in our love of the art .


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