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squoosh101sQoosh® bands combine absorbent terry cotton with Imported Italian Moisture Wicking fabric.

In hot or rainy weather, this band enables wearers to precisely wipe sweat and remove unwanted moisture in ONE fluid motion. At aid stations or post race pour ice water on it and WOW what a cool off! Simply wipe & squeeze!
In cold weather, the sQoosh™ fingertip pouch, built into every band, is an AMAZING hand warmer … OR you can insert HotHands® (From Walmart etc…) No need to wear runners gloves!
Wash sQoosh® in Gentle wash/dry cycle (it’s best if left in workout pockets)

Loose fit? Often at purchase sQoosh™ is loosened up due to assembly, however after the first wash/dry it will conform to your hand.

Tight fit? These bands are incredibly durable so stretch it hard to find a comfortable relaxed fit.

Worn on wrist, fist OR hand.
Slide phone into palm of sqoosh (Great Phone strap to hear splits or urgent call).
Flip inside out, insert fingertips in pouch for hand warmth during cold runs.
Reflective 3M Logos available for safety.
Made with Italian moisture wicking fabric.
Must-have for Baseball (especially Pitchers) hikers, skaters, bikers, game referees, photographers, and soccer players.
Great while doing yard work, yoga, hot yoga, spin & more.
Practical as a pouch/runners wallet to hold Ipod, keys, bills, ID.
Made for wiping marathon crud & runny noses.
Protects hands from scrapes if you fall.
Great compress for injuries.
Excellent for post-race cool down (hold ice-cold drink in sQoosh™ hand against terry cloth then wipe hot brow – WOW!).
The perfect gift for race packets.


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